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About Us

In an era marked with social rife and so much confusion on what needs to be done next in order to continue to advance the position of blacks in this country, voices that speak to our community from a place of wisdom and empowerment are in desperate need. As black doctors, no matter the profession or degree, we are charged with the educating and uplifting of our communities; If not us then who will? This does not mean interacting with your community from a position of judgement and superiority, however to be a light and inspiration to your community that motivates and encourages excellence from those who look to you.

As doctors we are privileged with the ability to impact all areas of society from education to health, from legal issues to enacting environmental and social change. And unfortunately, we are under represented in virtually all fields that grant doctoral level degrees including medicine, psychiatry, dentistry and other various Ph.D programs. Black Doctors Matter because many associate the title “Doctor” with success, and unfortunately in many communities young black men and women never see images of themselves in these successful positions. We have the unique ability and opportunity to connect with students, patients and the general public about matters that affect the black community directly. Which is essential for the progression of the community.

We are an organization dedicated to promoting the advancement of African Americans in pursuit of Doctoral status. Through our products, community engagement and stories we inspire, motivate and assist in ensuring continued black excellence in all fields represented under the certification of doctor. A portion of proceeds go towards student scholarships, donations and experiences. 

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