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Student Highlight: Chanae Brown

From an early age Chanae Brown knew that she wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. Biology was always a favorite subject, and ever since she could remember Brown would tell her parents that she wanted to become a doctor. Fast forward to her undergraduate years at Michigan State University, she began leaning towards medical school. Soon she would take the MCAT and start applying to schools. After graduation and taking some time off to work, she realized that becoming a Medical Doctor was not truly a passion of hers, however she was still interested in the medical field. While attending Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (a professional institution that houses D.O, PharmD, P.A, PH.D and DPT programs) for a master’s program Brown gained interest in the field of pharmacy and the vast opportunities that the career offered. How drugs interact and work within the body fascinated resonated with her and that is when she decided to pursue a career in Pharmacology.

For Brown, being a black woman, and being accepted into a program for a profession that consists of only 7.3% of African Americans has been a major highlight of the process thus far. Becoming the first person in her family with a Doctorate degree is an additional highlight, she sighted. This accomplishment offers Brown a unique ability to inspire others through her journey. She recalls having received countless emails and messages from other African Americans going into pharmacy, or other medical/health professions. Brown is particularly proud to be able to inspire others to continue along their paths and to give advice on becoming better applicants.

As a professional Brown plans on focusing on the battle against diabetes and obesity in the African American community. Some studies show that 60% of African American males are overweight and African American women lead the population in obesity at 78%. Utilizing her degree in nutrition coupled with her PharmD, Brown plans to open weight loss clinics, fitness centers and other facilities to help decrease these numbers and continue to share her own story while spreading awareness.

A word from Chanae: “Do not give up! My story was VERY unconventional. I finished undergrad with a less than stellar GPA. I was told I would never get into any graduate program, let alone a professional school with my grades. I didn’t let this deter me and went on to receive a post baccalaureate and a masters degree. I raised my GPA, made connections, studied hard for the PCAT, and got into every pharmacy program that I applied to. It can be done regardless of your situation! Never let anyone talk you out of your dreams.”

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  • This was extremely inspirational to me. I am currently taking prerequisites for pharmacy while working full time and raising 2 little ones. There was a time where I didn’t do good due to the loss of a loved one, which reflected my gpa. As of now I’m raising my gpa. Thank you Chanae Brown, for sharing your story! Spread that Black Girl Magic✨

    Shaleeta M.

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