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New Graduate Feature: Dr. Brittany Walker

My 5 Year Journey to Becoming a DPT

Five years ago I was dismissed from a Physical Therapy program because of my poor GPA. I didn’t understand why it happened but I never lost my faith in God. It took many HUMBLING years to learn the lesson God wanted to teach me, which was to wholeheartedly trust in his Grace & Mercy rather than my own vain capabilities.

It is a lesson I’m so glad I learned because on May 13, 2018 I will receive my Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Hampton University! This is my miracle! This is my testimony. God allowed me to experience failure because He knew I could handle it and that in the end I would give him all of the glory.

So I encourage whoever is reading this. If it’s a failed relationship, business venture, Board Exam, Graduate school, Medical school, whatever it is! As long as you have faith in God, you have enough to start all over again. And when you look back from the finish line to see how far you’ve come, always keep these 4 words in your heart:  


           “Only Jesus Did It.” 


Dr. Brittany Walker, DPT

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