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"Life As I Climb" Dr. Kevin Santiago

“Black Doctors show the world that people of color are at the forefront of societal advancement. Contrary to what we see in the media, black people are the pioneers in every field, from literature to medicine to engineering” Dr. Santiago.

Meet doctor of material science and engineering, Kevin Santiago. His journey to becoming Dr. Santiago began when he received an academic scholarship that would forever change his life. It was during this time in undergraduate that he found himself with a yearning for a deeper understanding of what he was learning. This curiosity lead him down the research pathway while earning his masters. Eventually he would continue on to receive his Ph.D in Materials Science & Engineering.  

While in graduate school Dr. Santiago became highly proficient in semiconductor fabrication and characterization techniques. In fact, he was so accelerated in the field that he began holding training seminars for other students and professionals, and has also published ten peer reviewed research articles.

As a doctor Santiago aims to inspire the generations coming behind him to explore STEM fields. He expressed that “children today are so influenced by what they see on TV and what they hear in music” and wants to show them that “with hard work and perseverance anyone can accomplish what I have”.

This summer Dr. Santiago will be working as a contracted materials scientist at the Army research lab in the area of infrared detection materials. His goal is to continue improving thermal and night vision systems.

A final word from Dr. Santiago: “You are only facing what other men have met. Stay diligent, respectful, and focused. The end is closer than you think.”

You can follow Dr. Santiago on Instagram at: @dr.santia9o

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