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Black Doctors Matter Informational

Who We Are

We are black excellence personified.

We are the educators, chiropractors, lawyers, medical doctors, pharmacists, dentists, physical therapists, medical doctors, researchers, osteopathic doctors, surgeons, philosophers, nurses and much more. We create the standard. We are the example. We are Black Doctors that Matter.

Why We Matter

We are the voice of our community.

With so much social rife and confusion on what needs to be done to advance the position of black people, voices that speak to our community from a place of wisdom and empowerment are in desperate need. As black doctors, inclusive of all professions, we are charged with educating and uplifting our communities. If not us, then who will? This means being a light and inspiration to our community that motivates and encourages excellence from those who look to us for guidance and wisdom.

Thank You

We truly appreciate your support.

Black Doctors Matter is the company created for us, by us. We are the change that we seek so we truly appreciate your contribution to furthering the message of this movement. Please let us know how we can stay connected with you.

Stay Involved

We want to engage with you.

Create conversations within the community online and offline. Post pictures, create your discussions and encourage others within the community to chime in on topics relevant to our elevation. Use the hashtag #blackdoctorsmatter so we can share in the dialogue.

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